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    Offering a 90-Day Residential Treatment Program, and 12 Month Aftercare, sets The Arbor apart as a Premier Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in Texas.

    Specializing in Evidence Based Therapies, Gender Specific Programs, and Dual Diagnosis Treatment allows The Arbor to work with all types of Substance Abuse Disorders.

    The Arbor believes that 90 Day Treatment will provide you the best chance of success.

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The Arbor: Premiere Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Program

The Arbor is a premiere Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder program that was created by a team of addiction professionals with over 95 years of experience in the field of chemical dependency. The Arbor Treatment Program is designed as a 15-month program of support and comprised of two core phases: a 90-day residential treatment program followed up with a 12- month aftercare support program.

Experience recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction in a home-like environment located on 67 rolling, oak–filled acres in Austin, Texas (TX). The property, located in beautiful Central, Texas (TX), offers two large residential homes, river frontage, and recreational opportunities. We specialize in the treatment of Drug and Alcohol abuse, and work with adults of all ages from all walks of life. One of the benefits of being a boutique and private holistic drug rehab facility is our client population is small enough to assess and understand every person individually, while being large enough to enable clients to learn from others’ experiences and the advantages that come from walking the path of recovery with others.

The Arbor offers an integrated dual diagnosis program, which means addressing the addiction AND the mental health issues of each client. Our specialized treatment program offers individual and group therapies, progressive medical assessments, and state of the art technologies to assist each client accomplishing their goals. In our 90-day residential treatment phase each client will partake in working on internal issues as well as putting a positive focus on their physical well- being.

The Arbor program encourages clients to include family members or loved ones, interventionists, clinicians, and medical professionals to participate and support them in their recovery process. Our role is to assist clients and their loved ones in understanding addiction, assessing and dealing with their particular life or mental health issues, and help them create a life that they deserve. It is possible, and prescription drug rehab can start today.

We understand admitting that you or someone you love has an alcohol or drug problem is not easy. In fact, it is extremely difficult. Life experiences, psychological or psychiatric issues and other external factors can contribute to an individual’s pain and struggles – as well as to their success in achieving sobriety, lifelong health, and wellness. Many individuals as well as families struggle with issues caused by addiction and substance use disorders every day. We have exceptional programs for drug rehab in Texas as well as alcohol rehab in Texas.  At The Arbor, our programs are designed to address all areas of chemical dependency and addictive behaviors.

The Arbor will not only help you achieve sobriety, but maintain it, while helping you learn about yourself and improve your overall quality of life. We provide you access to a group of very knowledgeable and caring experts and expose you to impactful experiences. From our medical and clinical directors, to our case managers and support staff, the goal is the same: to help you and your loved ones move forward and heal.

We provide services for the following areas:

  • Houston, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • San Antonio, TX

More Information on Holistic Drug Rehab


Addiction is a disease that can only be overcome through a true strength of spirit and commitment. At The Arbor, we aim to inspire our patients to truly want a new life free from the bondage of substance abuse. Our holistic drug rehab program is a twelve step process created by combining the best ideas of our addiction professionals who, together, have over 95 years of experience in the field.

If you’re looking for drug rehab Texas, prescription drug rehab or alcohol rehab Texas, you’ll find several other reputable centers that offer their good, albeit conventional treatment programs in a “one-size fits all” capacity. At The Arbor we’ve come to realize that this approach does not necessarily work for everyone, which is why our 12-step based Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder program is tailored to suit the individual patient.

To us it seems only logical that drug rehab Texas, prescription drug rehab or alcohol rehab Texas should be geared towards the individual needs of each patient. Substance abuse is not a clean-cut, black and white disease. It is a disease that has an effect on the body, spirit, mind and attitude of a person. This disease affects not only the person suffering from a particular addiction, but also affects their friends and loved ones. At The Arbor, we’ve taken all of this into account and have come up with a 15 month recovery plan which encompasses 90 days of inpatient treatment followed by a 12 month monitoring program.


At The Arbor we believe the key to beating addiction is not in the usual “drug against drug” warfare employed by other drug rehab Texas, prescription drug rehab or alcohol rehab Texas facilities. Instead of focusing only on the physical addiction, we help our patients to grow in a mental and spiritual capacity as well.

We also understand that a large part of addiction treatment has to do with comfort. The Arbor isn’t a sterile, brick and mortar hospital environment. Instead we’ve put in all the effort required to turn our facility into a place that patients can call home. We can house up to thirty adults at a time which means we are able to provide each one of our “family members” with the personal care and attention they deserve.

At The Arbor, we encourage clients to include family members or loved ones, interventionists, clinicians, and medical professionals to participate and support them in their recovery process. The battle against addiction is a road that no one should have to travel alone. Support is the key to success.

The Arbor… Providing a Framework for Growth

Holistic Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

Located in the tranquility of the Texas countryside, The Arbor takes a whole new approach to addiction and drug rehab. Texas offers the seclusion to allow for rejuvenation, healing, and a focus on curing the source of addiction—naturally. By integrating proven research-based treatments, a traditional 12-step program, and many other evidence-based approaches, The Arbor will help you achieve the holistic drug rehab that will help you get healthy and stay that way. Addiction and alcoholism can be devastating for the whole family. If you’ve tried other programs and found them to be ineffective, it’s time to try a natural approach that allows you to focus on total wellness.

Find help with:

  • Prescription Drug Rehab
  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Drug Rehab
  • And Much More

The Arbor — A Full Array of Options to Treat Your Addiction

While here, patients are given a full treatment program and have access to specialized services to allow them to get well and stay well.

The Arbor Services Include:

  • Neurological Sciences — Through various neurological tests and treatment services, we are able to get to the root of your addiction so you can finally overcome it. Depending on your needs, our doctors will diagnose your addiction and prescribe the appropriate treatment regime.
  • Treatment Program — The holistic drug rehab program at the Arbor includes a 90-Day residential program, a 12-Month after care support program, a family program, equine assisted therapy, and many other treatment options to ensure you find the best drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Texas.
  • Specialized Services — Through our specialized program, you will be able to participate in Yoga, Meditation, and Fitness. All of these services will allow you to become healthier in all areas, which will support your holistic drug rehab attempts.

Find a Framework for Growth at the Arbor

Unlike many other treatment centers, when you visit the Arbor, you will find a unique and natural approach that allows you to feel better than ever. Whether in search of a drug rehab in Texas, you need assistance with alcohol rehab in Texas, or you are in search of help with prescription drug rehab, we can help. With a caring staff that will be there every step of the way, you can finally be on the road to recovery.

By focusing on a dual diagnosis program, we are the only drug rehab in Texas that will address all areas of your addiction—mental and physical. This effective approach has been proven through research as well as the many success stories that have come from treatment at the Arbor. When you’re ready to find your way to better health and a happier life, we’re here to help. To find out more, call us at

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