The Arbor Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center


Our Mission 

Our mission is to walk alongside individuals and families as they navigate the path of recovery.

The Arbor represents a new approach to treating men and women struggling to stop the cycle of addiction. We integrate best practices and researched-based therapies and sound 12-step programming with evidenced-based medical services and health technologies in a 90-day experience created to help you or your loved one not only achieve and maintain sobriety, but to introduce them to a life yet unrealized, a future of health and wellness.

Our buildings and program are new, but our team has decades of experience as leaders in the field of addiction. Our core leadership team has 95 years of experience collectively in the addiction services field. We understand what it takes to admit that you or your loved has reached a point in life where help is needed. Addiction does not discriminate by race, profession, household income, or intelligence level. We created The Arbor to improve the quality of life for each client and those that love them. We are a Texas Drug Rehab fully licensed by the state of Texas. Centrally located in Austin Texas, near Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

The Arbor residential drug and alcohol treatment center provides unparalleled integrated services in addressing each client’s unique needs related to physical, mental, familial, spiritual, and emotional health. Our team is comprised of physicians, psychiatrists, clinicians, nurses, residential support technicians, personal trainers, nutritionists, equestrian therapists, chefs and cooks, and support personnel (both in and out of recovery themselves).

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